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about the Indiana Maple Syrup Association


The Indiana Maple Syrup Association is an organization of about 100 Hoosier maple syrup producers who make this natural product available for all to enjoy.

Our newsletter, The Tapline, is published quarterly. It provides news and information for maple syrup producers, hobbyists, and those interested in the maple industry in Indiana.

Our annual meeting is held the first Saturday in December. Members hold their annual business meeting and the day includes special speakers and displays of maple syrup equipment and supplies provided by vendors in the region.

Other activities include Canning Day when we gather in May to pack the syrup for sale at the Indiana State Fair and sponsorship of the Sugar Shack in the Indiana State Fair's Pioneer Village. Proceeds from the sale of maple syrup at our exhibit provide a major part of the funding for the Indiana Maple Syrup Association.

The Indiana Maple Syrup Association represents Hoosier producers through membership in the North American Maple Syrup Council.

A board of directors consisting of 9 members, two from the northern district, two from the central district, two from the southern district and three at large directors from various parts of the state are elected by the membership. The board then elects the officers for the association.

We welcome Hoosier maple syrup producers and those interested in maple syrup in Indiana to become members of the Indiana Maple Syrup Association.