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Production reports prepared annually by

Jeff Settle, Forest Resources Information Program Leader
Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Jackson / Washington State Forest
1278 E SR 250
Brownstown, IN  47220 812-358-2160

Though Indiana has an active maple syrup industry, Hoosier production is considered too small to be included in the federal agricultural survey.

Because of this, the Indiana Division of Forestry has kindly stepped in to distribute survey forms and compile results. Otherwise, we would have no information about maple syrup production in Indiana.
We are grateful to producers who take the time to complete the surveys and to Jeff Settle and his colleagues in the Division of Forestry for preparing the annual reports.

Reports are available as .pdf files

2018 Production report for 2018  
2017 Production report for 2017  
2016 Production report for 2016  
2015 Production report for 2015  
2014 Production report for 2014